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All paintings in The Album Project are 24 x 24 inches, acrylic & oil on board

This series is my tribute to classic albums that, for me, defined the 70s - iconic albums that helped to shape an era, a generation. 

All of my work is tethered to memory, how it shapes us, how things common to us all, like music, continue to hold sway over us.  I like that a song can pull out long forgotten ’things’ - memories that are attached to feelings, faces, places.  Typically I paint Still Life, but it seemed a natural progression to go through my vintage vinyl collection and want to do paintings of the records I grew up with.  I wanted to paint in the physical history of these records - the sleeves, the wear, the patina, the softened corners - the impression of the vinyl within pushing out onto the cover. All evidence of long lives these past 50 or so odd years. I suppose the lives of these records from my collection, run parallel to mine - similarly I am a bit worn, a few wrinkles - a reflection of where I’ve been, who I am.

Holly Farrell, 2021

Holly Farrell, The Album Project Studio.jpg
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